Panel of IDSF Adjudicators

2009 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin

7 November, Maribor, SLO

The Panel of IDSF Adjudicators

ID Name Country
A Felix Castillo USA
B Nick Fok Siu Kau HONG KONG
C Petru Gozun MOLDOVA
E Eduard Korotin ESTONIA
F Frederic Mosa FRANCE
G Barbara Nagode-Ambrož SLOVENIA
H Nicola Nordin ENGLAND
I Laszlo Oze HUNGARY

Chairman: Heinz Spaeker, IDSF Sports Director

Scrutineering: MasterSoft/MasterDance ( licensed by the Slovenian DanceSport Federation 

For the marks given by the panel you will have to go to the IDSF Sports Director’s website, click here! Hopefully, in the not too distant future, IDSF will be able to provide this information in real time on its “Live from …” blogs too. We are working on it!


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