Plesna Zveza Slovenije (PZS)


The Slovenian DanceSport Federation, Plesna Zveza Slovenije (PZS), serves as the perfect example of how an IDSF Member Body is able to take a holistic view on the sport. PZS has long united Latin and Standard with HipHop and all the other dance disciplines under one single roof. During the 2009 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin in Maribor, DanceSport becomes a truly unified brand when top-level Latin and Boogie Woogie competitions run concurrently on 7 November.

lat   bw

PSZ counts on the recognition by, and the active support from, a visionary Olympic Committee. For many years, the Slovenian Olympic Committee has provided advice and assistance to DanceSport at the national level. It helped making the country a perennial contender at all DanceSport championships.

PSZ Office

1 Celovška Cesta 25; P.P. 2507
001 Ljubliana; Slovenia



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