Event Schedule

10:00 Doors Open (athletes/officials)
11:30 Doors Open (audience)
12:00 World Latin – brief opening
12:10 World Latin – 1st Qualifying Round
13:40 World Cup Boogie Woogie – brief opening
13:50 World Cup Boogie Woogie – 1st Qualifying Round
14:10 World Latin – Redance
15:05 Word Cup Boogie Woogie – Redance
15:20 World Latin – 2nd Qualifying Round (1/8 Final)
16:15 World Cup Boogie Woogie – 1/4 Final (1st KO Round)
16:40 Announcement  of couples qualified for the evening part
16:45 Doors Close
18:30 Doors Open (audience)
19:00 Opening Ceremony  (all participants)
19:30 World Latin – 3rd Qualifying Round (1/4 Final)
20:00 World Cup Boogie Woogie – Semi Final (2nd KO Round)
20:15 World Latin – Semi Final
20:35 World Cup Boogie Woogie – Final Slow
20:45 Roberto Girolami – Alessia La Parola, ITA *
20:48 Wheelchair DanceSport – Step’n’roll – group of 8 couples **
20:51 Maxim Sedakov – Svetlana Kukushkina, RUS ***
20:57 World Cup Boogie Woogie – Final Fast
21:12 Luca Bussoletti – Tjaša Vulič ****
21:17 World Cup Boogie Woogie – Awarding Ceremony
21:22 World Latin – Final
21:52 World Latin – Awarding Ceremony and Honour Dance

* Roberto Girolami and Alessia La Parola, ITA

Roberto and his seeing partner Alessia show a “Latin Mix.” Roberto, 64, is blind of retinitis pigmentosa since the age of ten. Today, he works as a full-time trainer for DanceSport athletes with a disability and promotes “Se mi aiuti ballo anch’io!” (If you help me, I can dance too!) – his own project which brought disabled dancers to FIDS-sanctioned Italian Championships for the first time this year.

** Step ‘n’ Roll

Step ‘n’ Roll includes people in electric and manual wheelchairs and their able-bodied partners. The group had a number of performances accross Slovenia during 2008, the most important being the performance in Kranjska Gora. It represented the country for the first time in international Wheelchair DanceSport competition in Cuijk, NED, in April 2009.

*** Maxim Sedakov and Svetlana Kukushkina, RUS

The Russian couple won – amongst many other competitions – this year’s Platja d’Aro Wheelchair DanceSport Open in Spain. They show a “Latin Mix” in Maribor.

*** Luca Bussoletti – Tjaša Vulič, SLO

The 2009 Slovenian Champions Standard show their mix.


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