To everybody out there following this blog:

Grand BallroomSomeone just asked, “And when does the live transmission start?” It starts just as soon as round one is completed – it is currently in progress – and as soon as Erwin has retrieved the first batch of clips from the camera, converted them, given them on a USB to Heidi, and after Heidi has taken the elevator up to her room (where there is a fairly fast line available), uploaded them to YouTube, embedded the clips into a post, etc. As you can see: we are doing television the old fashioned way … Other than that, we are deploying some state-of-the-art equipment to bring you coverage on the 2010 World Latin in as close as possible to a real-time flow … “Live from …” refers above all to a format pioneered last year (check earlier parts of the blog) to get you the scoop right off the floor. TV rights need to be protected too: the highlights programme will air in about three weeks in a number of countries. So we are still fast by comparison. But don’t expect a live stream here!

By the way: the Grand Ballroom today!


~ by SAI on November 13, 2010.

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