Welcome To The Grand Ballroom …

Grand Ballroom… of the Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge. This is what it looked like yesterday, after a posh wedding reception – or was it a Bar Mitzvah? – after the 500 guests or so had dispersed and the lighting guys moved in. We told you already, the Grand looks a lot spacier on the hotel’s online tour of facilities! That is what 360º combined with a fisheye lens can do for you. But as the door opens now, it seems okay. The floor is in! Where will all the people go?


~ by SAI on November 13, 2010.

One Response to “Welcome To The Grand Ballroom …”

  1. Dear friends:

    I´m from Ecuador South America, I´m the trainner of the first latin american couple in the world championship, the girl of my couple is only 15 years old I suppoused she is the younger in this competition. I can´t travel to NY but I want to khow how can I see the transmition of the event.

    Best regards

    Pamela Serrano
    Ecuadorian couple trainner

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