Where Are The Results!

We had access to the “on-line & on-site competition manager for DanceSport” … Until the system went really online with the real starting list about an hour ago! Now we are handed a piece of paper with the names, bib numbers and countries. Are we expected to retype it? In any case, there isn’t a website around anywhere with information on the World Latin available earlier than here. I have always said, these scrutineering systems/competition management systems should all be made to meet strict IDSF standards. Something IDSF Communications is currently working on with a view to the new website: http://www.worlddancesport.org!


~ by SAI on November 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Where Are The Results!”

  1. ?thank you for this Blog and for your job!!! You’re greate!

  2. Please advice, Mikhail Belopukhov and Nastia shipilina, from Ukraine, have already qualyfied to 2-nd round or they are in re-dance? Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Results were up last night. Go to http://www.o2cm.com and click on Results, then the event.

  4. Hi George: great tip thanks!

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