Some Received, More Wanted …

Feedback was received on our special page – see “Feedback Requested” in the column to the right – some 200 visitors have taken the poll, but comments seem to come in very sparingly (nil). Please give IDSF your views on how the “Live from …” concept can be improved further, tell us what it is YOU are looking for in the real-time coverage of future championships. Take the poll, leave some comments! 

Other blogs will soon go up on the 2009 IDSF World Cup Standard in Vienna, AUT, and on the 2009 IDSF World DanceSport Championship in Aarhus, DEN.  They could already be better – WITH YOUR INPUT!

Yes, we were flattered by the comment made by regarding this blog … They quote us, we quote them!


While the finals results, according to our ratings, can be considered a fairly predictable result (perhaps apart from the inclusion of the Italian couple), the nerves can get the better of anybody. Apparently, it did not happen to Alexei and Anna – they told the IDSF Communications Director Heidi Götz afterwards:

“We were fairly confident about our own performance, but we didn’t know how the marks would turn out. We only hoped that all our hard work this year would pay off.”  

The quote, by the way, is taken from the blog of the event – that is right, IDSF and the organizers did an excellent job in terms of handling the media and public communications.

The treatment our staff received is commendable, both in terms of access to the venue and information as well as Internet connection – and of course treating every channel through which the dance loving public can be kept informed is very important nowadays.

But they went a step ahead and used IDSF’s blog for the event which a communication team updated with quality content throughout the competition. Perhaps the only slight glitch was the omission of some reference to this blog from the competition’s official webpage.

We would like to congratulate the organizers and IDSF as this is an exemplary inclusion of the public, a great example for many organizers.

Thanks guys!  There was more than just one glitch actually, but the organisers’ webs will henceforth be properly linked to the “Live from …” blogs.


~ by SAI on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Some Received, More Wanted …”

  1. the idea of “Live From …” is brilliant, but had to be more publicized example … I’ve discovered by chance!
    however I believe that as in almost all sports, even in the dance sport there should be a live broadcast from home … the public has a right to see the great events!

  2. Live international broadcasting of the premier IDSF events is one of the things on the agenda of the IDSF television distributor IEC in Sports Check: While many events are carried live nationally – as was again the case in Maribor – the international signal is for the time being an edited 52-minute highlight programme – because the worldwide TV market prefers it that way. There are other options, such as webcasting, which IDSF and IEC are currently exploring. One thing is certain: recordings of IDSF world championships in all age grades will gradually become available on the Internet. The success of the YouTube channel convinced even the skeptics amongst us!

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