Six Finalists – Five Nations

8 Jurij Batagelj – Jagoda Štrukelj SLOVENIA

23 Gabriele Goffredo – Antoanella Goffredo ITALY

68 Zoran Plohl – Tatsiana Lahvinovich CROATIA

80 Alexey Silde – Anna Firstova RUSSIA

94 Martino Zanibellato – Michelle Abildtrup DENMARK

96 Andrey Zaytsev – Anna Kuzminskaya RUSSIA

Any surprises? Let us know what you think! As expected or what?


~ by SAI on November 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Six Finalists – Five Nations”

  1. FOr me final and semi-final was expected. No suprises.

  2. Great couples only thing is….why is the couple from england…who where 6th in balckpool and the international….not even in de SeMi??

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