2008 Melbourne Relived

Five of the couples dancing in the memorable Tattersall’s 2008 IDSF World Latin Final in Melbourne return to the floor in Maribor to take another shot at the title. Look back at their performances courtesy of Australia’s Channel Seven broadcast. Obviously, the clips of the individual dances have all made it onto YouTube by now – and are raking up impressive viewing figures there. The Cha Cha by Di Filippo – Melnikova has been viewed close to 70,000 times to date. No harm, therefore, to give the viewing stats of those who were runners-up in 2008 – and will again be contenders in 2009 – a boost through this site too.

Andrey Zaitsev – Anna Kuzminskaya, RUS (31,000 views)

Alexey Silde – Anna Firstova, RUS (17,000 views)

Zoran Plohl  – Tatsiana Lahvinovich, CRO (13,000 views)

Jurij Batagelj  – Jagoda Strukelj, SLO (10,000 views)

Martino Zanibellato – Michelle Abildtrup, DEN (10,000 views)

IDSF has recently launched its own channel on YouTube. While committed to bring you the most up-to-date and best coverage on its championships there, DanceSport’s governing body must in a number of cases respect the contracts it has entered into with television partners around the world. Nevertheless, more and more high-quality videos will be available from IDSF’s channel in the near future. Coming soon: the 2009 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Ten Dance! And – hopefully – soon thereafter: the 2009 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Latin. Slovenian Television and IEC in Sports will be in charge of producing national and international television programmes on the Maribor event.


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  1. GOOD.


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